From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, a Reporter's JourneyA Reporter’s Journey |A film by Kevin McKiernan

Saturday, October 19th

In 1973 a rookie reporter tries to cover armed members of the American Indian Movement who have taken over the historic village of Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Along the way he is threatened by vigilantes who oppose the takeover and believe the press is the enemy of law and order. After he defies a government news blackout and embeds with the militants, he is arrested by FBI agents. Forty years later, he meets a Yurok Indian fisherman in California, a man he unwittingly photographed during the 10-week occupation. The two travel back to the Dakotas and later to the pipeline protests on the Standing Rock Reservation, where they witness the legacy of 1970’s activism in Indian Country. Meanwhile, the reporter launches a new investigation into the murder of his former roommate, a mysterious Canadian Native who took part in the Wounded Knee uprising. He butts heads with the FBI again, this time over the Bureau’s alleged practice of ‘snitch-jacketing’ the Canadian woman as an informer. The story takes another unsettling turn when the reporter confronts the founders of the Indian movement with alleged ties to her killing, a decision that threatens to undermine his status as a trusted outsider.

Willard and McKiernan at Wounded Knee

“Armed Indians seize a historic village to defend their culture; a rookie reporter embeds to get their story. By time the occupiers surrender 71 days later, 15 combatants have been wounded, two are dead and hundreds have been arrested–including the reporter. A Yurok warrior puts down his gun and comes home to Humboldt County to build a traditional village on the Klamath River.”

89 minutes
Doors open 6:00 | Film 7:00
$12 General Admission | $8 Students/Seniors
Tickets available at the door or at  Annex 39 (next door to Eureka Theater)