Poster for Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (1948)James Stewart, Farley Granger and John Dall star in this macabre spellbinder, in which two thrill-seeking friends strangle a classmate and then hold a party for their victim’s family and friends, serving refreshments on a buffet table containing the lifeless body.

When dinner conversation revolves around talk of the “perfect murder,” their former teacher (Stewart) becomes suspicious that his students have turned his intellectual theories into brutal reality.

Hitchcock decided to shoot this film as though it were happening in one long, uninterrupted shot. Since the camera can only hold one 10-minute reel at a time, Hitchcock had to be creative when it came time to change reels, disguising the switches as the camera passed behind someone’s back or moved behind a lamp.

Friday, August 16th

(1948 | 80 min)
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