Still from Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps (1935)Hitchcock’s first great romantic thriller is a prime example of the MacGuffin principle in action. Richard Hannay is a Canadian tourist in London who becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy when a mysterious spy winds up murdered in Hannay’s rented flat and both the police and a secret organization wind up hot on his trail.

With only a seemingly meaningless phrase (“the 39 steps”), a small Scottish town circled on a map, and a criminal mastermind identified by a missing finger as clues, quick-witted Hannay eludes police and spies as he works his way across the countryside to reveal the mystery and clear his name.

Friday, August 2nd

(1935 | 86 min)
Tickets $5.00 all ages
Doors open 7:00 | Showtime 7:30

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