Troll 2 & Samurai Cop

Friday, June 22

In spite of popular demand, Bad Cinema is back! The Eureka Theater and our generous sponsors CityBarberShop and PBS North Coast are deeply ashamed to present the worst in early ’90s entertainment (?) One night. Two terrible movies.

The double feature kicks off with the modern classic TROLL 2. Didn’t see the original TROLL, and afraid you might not be able to follow the storyline? Not to worry–TROLL 2 has literally nothing to do with TROLL 1. In fact–spoiler alert–there are no trolls in TROLL 2. Pro tip: take a selfie before viewing, so you may always remember the last moment you were blissfully unaware of the word “Nilbog.”

Then send the kiddies home–the delicious wretchedness continues with the charming, winning, violence-and-nudity-packed ineptitude of SAMURAI COP, a cinematic abomination that has been described as “an awesome, one-of-a-kind movie that seems like it was made on another planet” (Comeuppance Reviews), and “A movie made by people who mostly had no idea what the f*** they were doing” (1000 Misspent Hours).

Suffice it to say you’ll be thankful for our beer & wine bar. (21+ be prepared to show I.D.)

Tickets are $8.00 for this double feature.
Doors open at 6:30
showtime at 7:00

Bad Cinema


PBS North Coast and City Barber Shop