Hell's Half Acre (1954)Friday, July 12

When you sit down to watch a gritty film noir and see Don the Beachcomber listed as the “Technical Advisor,” you know you’re in for something special. Add to that a detuned slack-key guitar music score, co-Queens of Noir Evelyn Keyes and Marie Windsor, and real Oahu filming locations, and you’ll soon wish “Tiki Noir” had become more of a thing.

Republic stalwart John H. Auer (City That Never Sleeps) directed this gritty crime film on location in Hawaii, where Honolulu’s notorious Hell’s Half Acre quarter serves as a background to a complex tale of transgression and redemption. Wendell Corey is a reformed racketeer whose past catches up with him when his lover (Nancy Gates) shoots and kills one of his former partners in crime; Evelyn Keyes is a visitor from Los Angeles who comes to believe that Corey is the husband she thought she lost at Pearl Harbor 10 years prior.

(1954 / b&w / 111 min.)
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