Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club

Sponsored by Slice of Humboldt Pie

Post-Thanksgiving ‘80s Double Feature:

Black Friday, November 24, 2017
Doors 5:00 PM
Showtime 6:00 PM (Pretty) & 8:15 (Breakfast)

It was a simpler time, and Molly Ringwald was our queen. For one night only, the ’80s are back! Break out your skinny ties, your legwarmers, parachute pants, Members Only jackets, and lots and lots of hair product–the Eureka Theater and Slice of Humboldt Pie are proud to present a Black Friday double feature of two classics from the Ringvaldian oeuvre. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving–show up early (doors open at 5:00) and bop to some bitchin’ ’80s tunes until showtime (movies start at 6:00). Slice of Humboldt Pie will be offering mini pumpkin and (of course) cherry pies to keep the post-Thanksgiving feast going.

Prizes, you ask? Hell, yes! Come as your favorite character from either movie OR the ’80s in general, and be eligible to win some fabulous booty (oh just stop, you know what we mean). Were you too wasted to remember your actual prom? Photo ops available to help you fill in the blanks.

Tickets are a budget-friendly $8.00 for both movies. Just do it—if not for yourself, then for the brain… and the athlete… the basket case… the princess… and the criminal inside all of us.

Pretty in Pink: 1986 | Rated PG-13 | 96 min.
The Breakfast Club: 1985 | Rated R | 97 min.

Congratulations to Duckie & Iona

There were many rad costumes and outfits at our ’80s double feature, and it was really tough to choose. But the judges have spoken, and “Duckie” & “Iona” were awarded the fabulous prizes donated by Slice of Humboldt Pie, the Eureka Theater, and The Works! A big thank you to everyone who went the extra mile and channeled that Wang Chung vibe.

Duckie and IonaDouble Feature: Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink