The restoration of the Eureka Theater is entirely volunteer-based and is moving forward project-by-project. Current project goals include restoration of the neon blade sign, restoration of the three bedroom apartment, and developing a scope of work for the restoration of the auditorium.

Eureka Theater restoration

The Eureka Theater has been added to the National Register of Historic Places as of January 9, 2010.


“Wish List” items:

  • Velvet Stanchion Ropes $1,500
  • 16 Portable Cocktail Tables $2,000
  • 64 Folding Bistro Chairs $2,000

Restoration Progress:

Cinema-grade digital projector purchased.

Dance floor reconfigured and expanded to 1,125 sq. ft.
Main lobby trim painted.
Theater seats reinstalled and reconfigured.
Preparing the first 50 theater seats for reupholstering.
Purchased a Yamaha U1 Piano.
Auditorium trim & doors repainted.
Electrical upgrades in auditorium.
New Heaters installed in auditorium.
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Lower auditorium walls painted.
Snap-lock portable dance floor purchased and installed in auditorium.
Main lobby walls repainted with original color. (1st coat)
Downstairs bathrooms repaired and repainted in original colors.
Replaced missing toilet with one matching others in downstairs men’s restroom.
Purchased and installed two 48-channel snakes for auditorium stage sound equipment.
Purchased and installed new stage lighting truss.
Acquired new follow spot light for auditorium.
Installed new toilet paper and paper towel dispensers in downstairs restrooms.
New boiler and thermostat installed in Theater’s apartment.

Blade sign secured and stabilized after strong earthquake.
Interior and exterior of Theater retail space at 610 F Street restored.
Space is now rented and open for business.
Two 1939 sinks installed in women’s downstairs restroom.
Purchased Keg-O-Rator refrigerated keg dispenser.
Conducted pigeon abatement project behind marquees.

Roof repairs completed!
Three sets of fire exit doors installed and painted.
New smoke & fire detection system installed.
Three vintage 1939 sinks installed in men’s restroom.
Lobby carpet areas repaired/replaced with matching vintage remnants.
Auditorium floor painted, stage leveled and painted.
Lighting and sound system upgrades installed.
New refrigerators purchased and installed for event perishables.
New Marquees installed!
New door closers installed on front entrance doors.
Office demolition began with removal of damaged plaster.


“…it needed everything.”

Wendy and Chuck Petty tell you why they got involved and ask you to think about getting involved in restoring this architectural gem.